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​North East Florida USAPL/BCAPL

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2014 USAPL National Champions, Las Vegas, Nevada
Just In Case: 2nd Place Overall 9 Ball Team
Team Members: Joel Vetrono, Chuck King, Paul Morris, Ray Dorman, Janene Phillips, and Jimmi Phillips (Not Pictured)
Won: $1250
Team: No Name: 9th Place Overall 8 Ball Team
Team Members: Chuck King, Jimmi Phillips, Kevin Singh, Joel Vetrono, Janene Phillips, Sean Graham, Aaron Elswick, Jose Diaz, and Pam Derry
Won: $500
Janene Phillips: 5th Place Overall Tier 2 Singles
Won: $205
​8 Ball Session Champions: Balls to the Wall
9 Ball Session Champions: Just In Case
8 Ball Play Off Champions: Team: No Name
9 Ball Play Off Champions: Just In Case
2013-2014 Session Champions, Mt Dora, Florida
    2015 BCAPL/ USAPL Regional Championships: 
          Trick Shots Metro West Orlando, Florida
Joel Vetrono, from our Mt. Dora Division, won the 2014 USAPL Regional Championships held in Orlando, Florida. 

2016 USAPL National Teams
Ultimate Warriors - Fat Cats
In The Zone - The Retro Room
Girth - Clicks North
Divisional Women's Team
Silent Assassins 

8 Ball
9 Ball
Lords of the Felt- Fat Cats
Balls Deep - Fat Cats

Men's 1st place Billy Burke
Scotch Doubles 1st place Julio Aquino and Becky Yelvington.
Women's first place Karolina Mazeikaite
Tournament Director: Janene Phillips
Referee: Dan Maxson

4th place Silent Assassins

2016 BCAPL/USAPL Regional 9 Ball Championships
at Fat Cat's Mt. Dora
Men's Singles:
1st place Michael Delawder
2nd place  David Singleton

Scotch Doubles:
1st place Mark Dow & Marlene Houldsworth
2nd place Mike Dewitt & Janene Phillips

Women's Singles:
1st place Michell Monk
2nd place Jenn Berzinski

Tournament Directors: Janene Phillips & Dan Maxson
        3rd place   Hot Pockets        Backstage Billiards

9th Place Lords of the Felt 
3rd place Singles Joel Ventrono 
Fall Classic 9 Ball Regional
7th place Ultimate Warriors
        Shea's Fat Cats
5th place singles Jenn Berzinski
2017 USAPL National Teams
Diamonds in the Ruff 1st place National Champions $1350
Balls to the Wall 13th $600
Our group players MIA
Lords of the Felt 17th
Dave Pittlekow 3rd gold tier $700
Ronnie Cruce 3rd silver tier $700
Byron Wiant 9th silver tier $180
The Avengers 9th place
​2018 USAPL National Teams
Stroke of Genius 
2019 USAPL National Teams
Diamond 5's
Sisters with a Twist
Team Fries 9th place
Scratch This
Chalks Cheap
Crush the 9 4th place 
Darrin Spach & Miranda Bleisdell 
9th place singles
Janene Phillips 3rd place Singles Silver Division