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 Throughout the past years we have continually expanded our growth within all of our locations. We currently are in the process of expanding the CentralFlorida USAPL into two new locations, as well as, starting a new 10 ball league within our current locations.

Ever since the CentralFlorida USAPL has started, we have participated in the USAPL National Events. In the very first year, we were only able to send one single entry. In 2013, we entered two members into the singles event and one team. 

In 2014, the CentralFlorida USAPL had 5 teams and 8 singles represented in the 2014 USAPL National Championships. We had a total 21 members competing in various events, such as, 8 Ball Singles, 8 Ball Teams, and 9 Ball Teams. 2014 Team Just in Case came in 2nd in the nation for the 9 ball team event.

This year, 7 teams (including an all-female team competing in the Women’s division) and 12 singles will represent the CentralFlorida USAPL in the 2015 USAPL National Championships. A total of 35 players from across our divisions will compete in the week long tournament in numerous events.   

2016, Our league once again represented Florida on the National level. Two of our players placed 3rd & 5th in singles. In 8 ball we had a 7th place finish and Backstage division owned by Mark Lepich they placed 3rd.  The all women's division placed 4th and our 9 ball placed 9th. 

2017, Our league represents Florida by coming home with a National Championship The all women's 8 ball team called "Diamonds in the Ruff" National Champions players Janene Phillips, Sue Jones, Christie Gosneigh & Jenn Berzinski  Balls to the Wall 13th place. Singles winners were 3rd place Ronnie Cruce and 9th Byron Wiant Silver tier, 3rd place Dave Pittlekow Gold Division.

My Passion for the sport has helped the league continue to expand in different counties throughout Florida. In addition to managing the leagues, I am the tournament director for the Sunshine State Predator Pro/Am Pool Tour. I travel to different parts of Florida and find pool halls to host these events. 

Central Florida USAPL (formally known as Tri-County USAPL) began in January of 2012. We started off with only 6 teams and one location, and over the years, our league has grown and expanded to  3 different counties throughout Central Florida. Recently we are now in Clay and Duval Counties in the North East Regions.
We also own the NE and Central Florida BCAPL. 
 Our goal has always been to put the player and the game first. At every location, that has at least 10 teams, we offer the opportunity to compete for a Vegas trip. This means that you compete for Vegas from your location only!

USAPL is a sister company to BCAPL and we are owned by Cue Sports International.
The USAPL is free to join; we have no annual membership dues. Fair and Fun Handicap for everyone!!